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It’s always a good idea to recycle scrap metal. Not only is it the environmentally-aware thing to do, it can also net you some income. This is because there’s always demand for scrap, and people can make money by selling it.

Scrap is often associated with the decommissioning of large machines. You can’t just throw away something like a transformer or substation. There is a specific means of disposal for such devices, and you’ll want experts to handle it in the appropriate way.

A wrecking company can handle just about any kind of large machine, such as a boiler. They’ll also be able to harvest the scrap metal and take it in for recycling.

If you need someone to recycle scrap metal or decommission industrial machinery, we’ll be able to help. Contact us at Roof and Co Iron Metal Wrecking in Waterloo, IA, to learn more about our services.